Bad & Badder Bosses

Life has thrown me for a loop.
Normally, I’ve got everything handled, but this time–between quitting school, moving in with my mom, and my stepdad’s terminal illness–I’m scrambling to keep things together.
When I get a job at a company in my field, it feels like something is finally going right.
That and the attention from my ruggedly sexy coworker… or is he my boss?
Either way, he provides a bit of pleasure in the midst of all this struggle.
But is he just a temporary diversion or can I trust him with my heart?

I always knew I’d be wealthy.
Going from trailer park kid to successful business owner should have fulfilled my every dream.
But now that I’m here, life feels kind of empty.
Until my new employee shows up with hope in her heart and pain in her eyes.
She’s smart, curvy, and deserves to be worshipped like the goddess she is.
Now, I just have to convince her that I’m here for the long run.

I’ve always preferred company of the four-legged variety.
They’re full of love and they let me be myself–that’s why I’m going to school to be a veterinarian.
When I end up working for my brother’s friend during the summer, I don’t expect to be cleaning Maximillian Hawthorne’s toilets.
He’s wealthy, pretentious, and a serious pain in the horse’s butt.
Too bad when I get to know my sexy boss, he makes me want to purr.
But am I willing to share my heart with more than just my animal friends?

I’ve always had plenty of money.
And people have always tried to take it from me, either in business ventures, networking events, or questionable investments.
That’s why I’m immediately suspicious of my new personal assistant.
Sloane is selfless, gorgeous, curvy, and too good to be true.
When I realize that her beauty is more than skin deep, everything changes.
Now, I just have to show her that we–and the animals–belong together.

After a difficult year, I’m just starting to make things work.
I’m a single mom with a new job and new opportunities, and I’m not going to waste them.
When my ex doesn’t show up with the cake for my son’s birthday, I don’t know what to do.
Thankfully, my boss swoops in and saves the day.
He’s sexy, smart, and young enough to pull an all-nighter.
But can I trust a man with my heart after I’ve been burned?

There’s a reason I’ve already made it at just twenty-nine years old.
It’s because I’m always right.
I turned my parents’ business into a multi-million dollar franchise, and now I’m ready for more.
When I see Amara in the office, I know she’s the one for me.
She’s curvy, strong, and I have no shame in pursuing her.
Now, I just need to convince her that I’m not going anywhere.

I finished college, and now it’s my time to learn from the best.
Working for Drake Gallagher is my chance to get my foot in the door of the finance world.
When my boss’ former partner tries to recruit me, suddenly I’m torn between two powerful men.
I’m seeing more than just the professional side of my boss, and I kind of like it.
He’s smart, sexy, and I want to invest in his stock.
But am I just a prize to win or does he really have feelings for me?

Being ruthless has gotten me to where I am–at the pinnacle of my career and life.
When my ex-business partner shows up again, I’m instantly suspicious.
After he tries to poach the best assistant I’ve ever had, I show no mercy.
That’s when I realize she’s not just my employee, she’s the best investment I ever made.
Miriam is curvy, ambitious, and makes my stock rise.
Now, I just need to convince her that my feelings for her are real.

All Rights Reserved 2021 Liz Fox