Daddy Knows Better

If you’re looking for stories featuring older men and younger women, then you’ve come to the right place. 🙂 

My dream is to finish college, get a good job, and move out of my judgemental mother’s house.
A long weekend with the girlfriends is just the break I need.
When I get lost and end up at the home of a handsome, older cowboy, I don’t want to leave.
He’s strong, quiet, and I want to ride him like a bucking bronco.
Have I finally found someone who thinks I’m good enough?

Settling down on a ranch was my life’s dream.
But I never imagined I’d be doing it alone.
When an innocent beauty knocks on my door, I want to help her.
She’s curvy, sweet, and dangerously too young.
Can I convince her that she is more than enough for me?

Food delivery isn’t a great job, but it pays the bills… usually.
Most importantly, I get to be independent.
When a walking break turns into an amazing job opportunity, I can’t say no.
It’s clear Elijah doesn’t like needing help, but he’ll do anything for the people he cares about.
He’s handsome, domineering, and his salt and pepper looks are deliciously sexy.
Can I trust him to be there when I’m the one falling apart?

My ex took half my fortune, but she left my daughter—I got the better deal.
I don’t like asking for help, but I can’t raise Bella well by myself.
Fate leads me to the perfect woman to care for Bella… and maybe me.
Piper is young, curvy, and she can tuck me into bed anytime.
Now I have to convince her that she’s perfect for me too.

On paper, my life looks perfect — new job, new city, and a new fiance.
Until I’m left stranded at the altar.
When my best friend volunteers her guest bedroom, I can’t pass it up.
Especially when it comes with her smokin’ hot dad.
He’s sexy, possessive, and I don’t care if he’s too old for me.
But can I trust myself when I just made a mistake?

Being quietly wealthy doesn’t keep the golddiggers away.
That’s why I’m perfectly happy as a confirmed bachelor.
When my daughter’s best friend moves in, she makes me want to change my ways.
She’s gorgeous, curvy, and I want to show her that daddy knows better.
Now I have to convince her–and myself–that our differences don’t matter.

There’s not much downside to being rich and attractive…
Except I’m also pretty smart and no one takes me seriously.
When my professor calls me in for office hours, I’m not sure what to think.
He’s sexy, sophisticated, and I want him to grade my—ahem—papers.
But is the tension between us just a temporary diversion or is it the real thing?

I’ve always been focused on my career, research, and academics.
The students don’t surprise me anymore.
But when a beautiful young woman writes a brilliant paper, I need to know more.
Allie is curvy, innocent, and makes me want to bend her over my desk.
Now I have to convince her she’s worth breaking rules for.

Growing up in a trailer park hasn’t been easy.
That’s why I’m focused on my education and getting out of there.
When an incident brings the local firefighters to my door, well, it’s both mortifying and eye-opening.
Because Gabriel the fireman lives just over the fence and he’s taken an interest in me.
He’s sexy, masculine, and smokin’ hot.
But do I deserve to be with someone like him?

Being a firefighter is my life.
It’s not that I’m opposed to relationships, but I just haven’t met the right woman.
When Maddie shows up right next door, everything changes and I want to know more.
She’s beautiful, curvy, and sets my pants on fire.
Now I have to convince her that she’s everything to me.

I thought things were alright in my life—nothing fancy, but fine.
Until I find out I’m pregnant and my ex kicks me out.
Now I’ve got a month in a remote cabin to figure things out.
But I’m not alone—there’s a sexy older mountain man everywhere I turn.
He’s tall, handsome, and knows how to swing his ax.
Can he fall in love with someone whose life is upside down?

I’m content on my mountain.
If I feel a little alone on occasion, well, it’s not that bad.
Until a beautiful young woman upsets all my routines.
She’s curvy, innocent, and makes me want to light her fireplace.
But can I convince her—and her baby—that they belong with me?

It took a lot to escape my ex.
Only for him to hunt me down.
When the police won’t help, a dangerously sexy stranger steps in.
He’s tall, strong, and makes me feel safe.
But can I trust a man with my heart and body again?

As a member of a secret agency, I live for the days I get to be a hero.
I’ve seen too many women stuck in a bad situation.
When I see a damsel in distress, I have to help.
She’s curvy, brave, and too young to have to deal with this on her own.
Now I have to convince her that I’ll always be there to protect her.

Growing up in foster care hasn’t been a piece of cake.
At eighteen, now I’m looking to make my own way.
When the owner of a biker bar hires me, everything changes.
He’s bossy, sexy, and gets my motor running.
But is it just a job or can the MC become my new family?

Being a member of the Raging Angels MC is my life.
But I’ve never had time to find a relationship.
When Emma walks in the door, I’m determined to make time for her.
She’s curvy, independent, and makes me want to ride her. Hard.
Now I have to convince her she’s not too young to be my old lady.

All Rights Reserved 2021 Liz Fox