Hot Guys with Glasses

Each story features a beautiful, curvy woman and a handsome, nerdy hero. These were especially fun to write because I got to include all my geeky references. 🙂 I hope you enjoy them!

I’ve finally built a life I’m proud of.
It’s unconventional, it’s eclectic, and it’s the complete opposite of what my parents demanded of me.
When I meet Dwight, I can see the hidden passion under the stuffy polo shirt.
He’s sexy, smart, and he makes me want to get him dirty.
I always did like a guy with glasses.
But can we be happy together when we’re so very different?

My life is strict and structured, just the way I like it.
As a successful software engineer, I’ve always found that boring is better than chaos.
At least until I meet Layla.
She’s curvy, creative, and makes me want to reboot my harddrive.
Can I convince her that I love her and I don’t want her to change?

I know everything about the interactions between men and women… in theory.
It’s my job.
But I can’t seem to make my own romantic relationships work.
When I’m contracted to help the TetraTech guys with an app, finding love is the last thing on my mind.
Lincoln is brilliant, sexy, and I want to fog up his glasses.
But will my emotions be too much for this rational man?

Logic has gotten me far in life—I’m wealthy, successful, and comfortable.
When my partners and I hire a consultant for our new dating app, I’m her point of contact.
Surprisingly, her emotions and my logic don’t clash, they combust.
I might not be overly in touch with my feelings, but I know what I want.
Aubrey is curvy, beautiful, and makes my hardware even harder.
Can I convince her that our differences make us right for each other?

At almost thirty years old, I feel like I’ve barely accomplished anything.
I’m single, a waitress, and it doesn’t help that I’ve always been a plain Jane.
In an effort to step outside my comfort zone, I try a new dating app.
When I meet my match, I couldn’t be more surprised.
Mateo is attractive, intelligent, and makes me want to put extra sauce on his penne pasta.
But can someone so charming actually fall for someone like me?

In the last few years, I’ve gotten used to women throwing themselves at me.
It’s made me a little jaded, which makes me the best person to test our new dating app.
At this point, bleach blond hair and a botox smile just don’t do it for me.
I’m not expecting my match to be a woman made more gorgeous by her heart of gold.
Clara is curvy, caring, and makes me want to unzip her files.
Now, I just have to convince her that she’s perfectly beautiful to me.

I’ve always been shy, which is why I work from home doing graphic design.
So when I have to find a new housemate to pay the rent, my anxiety skyrockets.
I shouldn’t have worried, my first applicant is almost as socially awkward as me.
He’s also funny, sexy, and makes me want to crop it like he’s hot.
But does he really want me or am I just another convenience?

I do my best when I’m in front of a computer.
It isn’t that I can’t manage the basics of life, it’s that they aren’t as interesting.
But when my housemate kicks me out, I have to find a new place fast.
Luckily, the townhouse next door has a room… and a beautiful woman.
June is curvy, kind, and effortlessly holds my attention.
Now, I just have to convince her that she’s more than a convenience, she’s my forever.

All Rights Reserved 2021 Liz Fox