The Right Men Series

He rescued me from the worst date ever.
He’s a badass tattoo artist with a body like a superhero–he could have any woman he wanted… but he chose me, and gave me a glimpse of what my future could be.
But I got scared.
Until something happened that reminded me that this is my life and my choice…and what I choose is Bishop.

I saw her walk into the coffee shop, and instantly knew I had to meet her.
When her date took a wrong turn, I’m the lucky guy who stepped in to save her.
She made me laugh.
She made me forget my past.
Now that I know how well she fits in my life and in my arms… I’m never letting her go.

I love my job, my independence, and my delectable curves.
But it’s a good thing I work in an erotic lingerie shop, because I’ve been left high and dry by men. It’s not my fault they run away when they find out my personality doesn’t match the sweet-girl package.
When the hunk next door tries to save me from some annoying customers, I have it handled but I give him a chance.
He’s sexy, tattooed, and huge allllllll over.
I can’t help but wonder if it’s time to give my batteries a break, and let him press my buttons instead.

I keep my temper in check by destroying things for a living.
Even though I prefer to be out on the job site leading my demolition crew, sometimes I have to take care of the paperwork.
When the manager of the sex shop next to my office throws a bag of gummy pricks at me, my structured life starts to fall apart.
She’s curvy, sassy, and knows exactly how to swing my sledgehammer.
But is loving her worth the risk of tearing my walls down for good?

I wanted to be a mother, not a business owner. But life had other plans.
Now, my employees are like my kids and my heart is closed for business.
When I need help and I’m all alone, a near stranger sweeps me off my feet. Literally.
He’s the exact opposite of what I went for in the past.
Although… I’m starting to see the appeal of muscles, tattoos, and a man who likes cats.
But can I trust my heart even if my mind says it’s wrong?

I’ve been a bachelor for a while, but I always knew what I wanted in a woman.
I haven’t found her yet, but now I have a new job in a new town and a whole new start.
When I see a gorgeous woman at a lingerie fashion show, I know she’s the one for me.
She’s classy, curvy, and exactly my type.
Now, I just have to convince her that what we have is right.

I thought when I got older, people would take me more seriously.
Just because I have frizzy hair and sexy curves doesn’t mean I can’t build a successful business.
When I try to get funding for my personal care products line, one of the potential investors has that same familiar judgy attitude.
Too bad I keep running into his super hot bod everywhere I go.
He’s sexy, smart, and business savvy.
Can I admit that sometimes I need help and the love that might come with it?

My parents were the perfect couple, and I grew up idealizing their relationship.
I thought in order to find the perfect woman I first needed to create the perfect life.
Turns out the perfect life is boring–all I do is eat, sleep, and work.
When I try to bribe a woman for her bouquet at the store, I’m surprised by the intense chemistry between us.
She’s curvy, unconventional, and imperfectly beautiful.
Now, if I want to create the perfect life, I have to learn that I’m not always right.

All Rights Reserved 2021 Liz Fox